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Founded in 2018, 19sixty9 was initially created with the idea to buy, restore and sell classic vehicles. The company's unusual name was inspired by the song called 1979 performed the band "The Smashing Pumpkins." After realising that there is a great demand for data to be available to multiple systems in the custom kitchen design market, we decided to create our first piece of software. The product, called Wintergrate ['W' for Compusoft's Winner Design and the word Integrate], takes data from Winner Design, formats it and generates either an xml or csv file that can be picked up by almost any other application, from accounting to cnc/cutting list or excel. The application is evolving and features are being added as we get feedback from our partners and/or clients.

Our goal is to provide Software as a service, or [Saas] at a price that is affordable to all businesses. We are strong enough and our quality exceeds the norm. We can cater to big enterprises or start-up's. We have ready-to-use software and also the ability to customize our software to suite your needs. In addition to our products and services, we have a network of people and businesses that we can partner with. These are individuals that take pride in what they do and companies that deliver results.

We also value people that has potential and passion for what they do. Here at 19sixty9, we are in the process of creating an internship program that will offer anyone that wants to start a career a chance to gain experience and education. This program is aimed at the young people of today but will be open to anyone, regardless of gender, age or race. We believe that we can change lives for the better and to show people that they can achieve success if they really want to.
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The Balance Company

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