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Privacy Policy

When you use our online services and software, personal and sensitive information about your business is stored in our database.
We store this data due to the fact that the core functionaly of our services requires the information you provide in order for the software and/or servies to function.

The information provided by you is also used so that our system and services can analyze patterns and learn so that automated functions and/or suggestions can be made.

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand how your information is stored, and how it can be managed.

Types of information we store

Company sensitive information:
Operational data such as items sold, stock quantities, assets and employee data.
Company name, tax/vat and regestration details.

Personal information:
Names and contact details.
Hours worked and compensation/salary details.
Device location, device id and browser type.
Google and/or facebook account.

System usage data:
When, where and how the system is accessed.
Which modules are used.
Usage patterns.(I.E. Most visited page, which page is navigated to first, logon attemps etc..)

Access to your information

Company data access:
Our software implements access control that allows you to restrict access to certain roles or persons within your organization.
By agreeing to the terms and condictions, you also agree that while does its best to protect your information, will not be held responsible in case of:
* Personal, Company or operational and functional data leak.
* Corruption of data due to un-authorised access.

Third party access: Uses Open Authentication to allow access be using your google and/or facebook account.
Access via custom created applications using an api. Besides the above mentioned companies, does not distribute/store with out consent.

Managing your information

Your data is stored securly on microsoft's Azure platform. Only information needed is stored. (I.E. If we dont need your contact number but only your name and email address, then only your name and email addess will be stored.)

Updating/editing your profile: Your personal profile and company rofile can be managed on the 'My Profile' pages.

The right to be forgotten: You can remove your account, and download your data upon your request.

Advertising and news letters newsletter:
Upon signing up, you can requst to recieve our company's weekly newsletter.
You can unsubscribe from this newsletter by de-selecting the option to recieve newsletters in the 'My Profile' page.

External advertising: We will not share your contact details, therefore you will not recieve any adverts from our partners unless subscribed to, either through or directly through a partner.